Is there a formula for love?

Is there a formula for love?

Can you make someone fall in love with you in less than 1 hour?

It’s an interesting notion.

Is there a process which enhances the chances of deepening a connection with the opposite sex and lead to love?

Can Psychologists make two people fall in love under laboratory conditions?

What about chemistry, hormones, pheromones?

The New York Times have published several articles about just this. Expanding on Arthur Aron’s research from the 1990’s where he tested ‘the Science of Love’ and hypothesised that deep intimacy and connection can be created through the process of sharing personal experiences, thoughts, values and desires.

A set of 36 questions were developed to facilitate the sharing of increasingly personal and revealing information between two subjects, which led to intense feelings of bonding and closeness – even love.

A fast track to intimacy in less than 1 hour? Why not give it a try I say. A guy who is up for having a bit of fun with this on a first date already scores points in my book.

They’ve even created a free app for handy access to the 36 questions on your phone. It’s also a great little resource for early stage dating conversation ideas.

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