“Sometimes the worst pain can bring about the best change…”

Hi! I’m Peta. And I want you to know.. that you don’t have to let your past hurts define you!

Honestly, looking back now.. it took me years to overcome the pain of a serious relationship break-up. I didn’t think I needed help… BUT you know that feeling.. sad, tired, a bit depressed. I was emotional alot and felt like I was just getting by with little hope that a wonderful life and relationship was really possible.

Thankfully I learnt to overcome and master my negative emotions, to release the heart break and find happiness again. I’ve now created the life and love I’d always wanted. And in the process I’ve learned something vital:

We don’t have to wait for time to heal our emotional wounds!

Now I am passionate about teaching other women how to do the same.

My Beakthrough

My huge ‘wake up call’ came one morning, after I’d spent yet another night of crying myself to sleep. I had been calling my boyfriend all night in an attempt to confront him with my newfound evidence of his infidelity.   Of course he’d switched off his phone and wasn’t returning my messages.

I was so clouded and overwhelmed with emotion, panic, confusion, fear.. I’d lost sight of what I was really feeling, but it wasn’t good. Looking back now it felt like my whole world was falling apart. And this wasn’t the first relationship that had ended up like this.

I knew something HAD to change.

I had to get off the emotional rollercoaster

I had to stop blaming my ‘bad luck in love, and

 I had to take responsibility for my own happiness

This break-up was going to be different.  I was determined not to wallow in my own heart break and self pity for months or years. I needed to find a way to break free of the pain, anxiety, sadness and rejection. It was time for me to take ownership of the results I was getting in my relationships. I was going to find happiness and lasting love again, in record time.

So I set out on a journey of self-discovery. And it had to start with learning how to manage my emotions. Along the way, I came across many different theories and approaches. I went to seminars and retreats, took courses and online programs and read dozens of books on relationships, personal development and emotional wellbeing. I went on to study Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and I finally found what I had been looking for. It was personal, it was individual and it worked!

I learnt cutting edge tools and techniques which enabled me to rapidly release all the emotional pain and create huge mindset shifts.

I discovered powerful processes to create happiness and love from within and finally break out of the insecurities and fears that had sabotaged my relationships for so many years.

I was so thrilled with the results of NLP, that I became a certified practitioner and began helping others to transform their lives and relationships.

It was something I simply had to share


Now I’m a Love and Relationship Coach and I help women through heartbreaks, break-ups and empowering them to overcome their blocks to creating healthy deeply connected partnerships that last.

Using the revolutionary tools I learnt to accelerate my own healing and transform my mindset I created the “Break-up to Breakthough” a 5 step coaching Program which helps clients rapidly release emotional pain so they can move on from their past relationship and feel empowered for an exciting future filled with love and fulfillment.

 “Behind each painful experience in life lies a new level of joy and growth”

Whether it be bouncing back after a break-up, overcoming your barriers to attracting a loving partner or saving your relationship, my emotional mastery techniques and relationship coaching expertise can help guide and empower you so that the next chapter of your life can be the absolute best.

When it comes to relationship challenges and realizing dreams, I have been there and done it, my clients have done it and I would love to show you how you can do it too.

Embrace the wonderful new life ahead of you…


Professional Bio

peta_april_profile-picPeta April Woolan

– Life & Relationship Coach ICFACC MABNLP

Peta is the founder of Self By Design and host and creator of the YOU Version 2.0 Summit’. A coach, mentor and speaker, Peta has transformed the lives of hundreds of clients by guiding them through an empowering process of self re-invention to help them find more clarity, peace and love.

Peta combines psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, coaching and intuition with insightful, no-nonsense real world wisdom and advice that enlightens and supports her clients to fast track their recovery after a break-up and repair broken relationships.

Based in Melbourne, Australia Peta believes that managing our emotional state is one of the fundamental keys to successful relationships and lifelong happiness. She is passionate about teaching women mindset tools and techniques to master their emotions so they can create the life and relationships of their dreams.

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