Are you ready to free yourself from heartbreak and transform your relationships forever?

Even if you situation seems hopeless, and you are feeling heartbroken and rejected.

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Discover how you can easily manage your unwanted emotions, stop thinking about your ex, rebuild your self-confidence, and reclaim your power starting now!

You can not only overcome your heartbreak but use it as a catalyst for some amazing life changes. With my support and guidance I can show you;

  • Practical tools and techniques for instant relief from the pain, anxiety, worry and heartache.
  • What exactly to do in the early stages of your break-up, including the small steps you can take to heal fast.
  •  Strategies for handling communication with your ex and other advice regarding your personal situation.
  • Getting your self-esteem back on track so you feel confident and empowered.

You don’t need to do this alone.. This coaching session is exactly for you if:

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with the pain of heartbreak and it’s affecting other areas of your life too.
  • No matter what you do you can’t stop thinking about your ex, analysing the relationship and what went wrong.
  • You worry that they might be ‘the one’ and you’ll never find anyone else and it’s left you feeling sad and lonely thinking about a future without them
  • You’re sick and tired of letting your break up take over your life and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to move on and get back into life!


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You don’t have to wait for time to heal your emotional wounds

You’ll learn scientifically proven techniques to deal with the pain you’re feeling. You’ll learn how to stop thinking about your ex, how to resist the urge to call or text or constantly checking up on them online.

Reclaim your power.

Get clarity about your future.

And much, much more…

During our coaching session, I will evaluate your situation and help you figure out if your relationship can still be saved (and if that’s what you really want) and I will map out a proven plan for you to follow to either reunite with your ex or to move on from your relationship as quickly as possible.


Your Break-up to Breakthrough Empowerment Coaching Session only $249 AUD


The Breakthrough Empowerment Session includes:

– 90 minute one-one coaching session conducted via Skype / Facetime

– Pre-session emotional healing tips & comprehensive questionairre

– Tailored fast-track recovery action plan

– Resources and recommendations


– Free access to ‘ The Love Sanctuary’ private members only Facebook support group

– Free Video Training with Peta April “The Top 5 Reasons Men Leave Relationships”

Break free from the emotional pain

Break out of the feeling of being held back

Break through to create the life you have always wanted

 Are you ready to get over the pain of your break-up, let go of your ex once and for all, get happy again and find new love?

I can show you how.


Your Break-up to Breakthrough Empowerment Coaching Session only $249 AUD


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Congratulations on saying yes to fast-tracking your amazing new life and feeling positive, inspired and happy again.

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