“Peta has helped me work through my emotions, allowing me to find forgiveness and not fall back into old behaviour patterns and habits that were detrimental to my relationships.”

I came to Peta and at a very difficult time in my life with challenges at home and work. My relationship had completely broken down and my partner had moved out. I was hurt and struggling with trust issues, health issues, and other complications with my partner.

Coaching with Peta helped me get clarity on my situation and gave me clear steps to healing my own issues and how to successfully reconcile with my partner.

The tools and techniques in the program have taught me to deal with negative emotions day to day, regain my confidence and find happiness again.”

– Sarah M


“Thanks to Peta’s guidance and awakening, I can see the light and I feel so differently about my relationship situation after just one session.I am so thrilled to be coaching with Peta. It’s exactly what I needed. That knife that’s been stuck in my heart, over my failed relationship, the memories of which haunted me constantly. Well, I feel like the knife has finally been pulled out. Now I can move on and heal. Finally! Thanks for all your love, support and wisdom. I’m forever grateful. I’m bouncing back now and it feels wonderful”

– Natasha G


“Peta balances kindness, professionalism and intuition and has helped me challenge my mindset and make some empowering changes in my love life.

I was unsure if coaching was 1) for me 2) a beneficial investment 3) if I connected with someone and trusted them enough for me to open up authentically. I never saw myself as needing ‘help’, but Peta has helped me shift some long held beliefs that had been holding me back.  After just one session it illuminated issues I was unaware of; blocks and outdated beliefs that I needed to address in order to move forward. Straight away I felt ready to work through these issues and confident that I was in safe hands to embark on the journey.

Peta’s approach resonated with me as she is confident and easy to relate to; she is a great inspiration and role model as a vibrant radiant woman and I highly recommend her as a coach. She helped me find my courage and I have such hope for a future filled with love -”

– Bec T


“For the first time in my life I had found myself in a very new and scary place, I was alone in almost every sense of the word.   I had chosen to end my marriage and I was alone, raising a 3 year and fighting over money and custody, all while running a business and trying to take care of my sick mom.  When I say I had nothing left, I mean I was crying everyday, I was so scared it was hard to breath.  I had never experienced anything like this, this feeling of despair and loneliness.  I was terrified and the guilt was swallowing me whole.I was searching everywhere for something, someone, anything to help me. I have always believed everything happens for a reason, but looking back finding Peta solidifies that belief more than I can say.

After my first session with Peta I felt stronger, I could feel myself finding hope and a glimpse of the person I knew I could be.  After a few sessions and some homework I started to completely shift, suddenly I was able to cope again!  I felt hope on a daily basis and the best part?  I was back to being me and the best mom I could be.

I had been to two different therapists before finding Peta and had left almost feeling worse, wondering what was wrong with me.  It was very different from the very beginning with Peta, it was her ability to empathize and feel everything I was feeling and then turn it into a positive and give me the coping skills that worked for me that made all the difference.  Finally someone not only understood but was able to help me become the person I had always wanted to be!

This has been the most positive experience I have had in a very long time, to say that Peta saved me from a place I never saw myself going says everything.

I would, and have, recommended her to more than one person, I have told everyone about my “life coach” that helped me turn things around and stop saying I wanted to get back to who I was before but rather become the person I am meant to be.

Thank you Peta, from the bottom of my heart and my daughter’s”

– Nicki P


“I learnt about Peta´s Break-up to Breakthrough Program while I was in a relationship with a married man – whom I believed to be my soulmate. I knew I was in trouble and that I needed help to handle this challenging situation. I decided to leave the relationship quite at the beginning of our coaching journey which wasn´t an easy step for me, but necessary. I went through a period of raw painful grief and I think without Peta’s support I wouldn´t have been able to hold on to my decision.

Peta really held the space for me and supported me with a lot of empathy, wisdom, tools and exercises. I felt that she really could relate to what I was going through and what I needed in order to take care of myself.

She always found the right words to comfort and empower me. Coaching with Peta has helped me look deeper within myself to see where I am doing well, and where I could grow and change my limiting beliefs. It has been an empowering journey and I would definitely recommend Peta to any woman going through a difficult break-up situation.

– Daniela A


“Coaching with Peta was gentle and insightful and she has deep knowledge of relationships. With Peta’s help I was able to quickly pick myself up after a recent breakup and I was able to see what the gift was in the end.

I no longer believe I am not worthy of the exact man that I want to be with and now know that I deserve to be happy and loved by a remarkable man.  As a result I am paying closer attention to the kind of man I am attracting and have clarity about what I want in an amazing relationship.

I am so grateful to Peta for the wisdom she shared and for assisting me to find what I needed inside. I am super excited to be out there and dating again.

– Christine Berry |


“When I met Peta I had been broken up with my partner for 3 months, I knew I needed to move on one way or another.  Being a coach myself, I always believe in coaching for each different aspect of our lives and that even coaches need coaches. I really wanted to be accountable for ensuring the same patterns did not play out on my part in the future and I had a feeling in my gut that my relationship was not over with my ex. I was somehow synchronistically led to Peta and her Heartbreak to Happiness Program through a friend and after talking to Peta it really highlighted that reuniting with my ex was possible and gave me the confidence that this might not be the end.  I knew that coaching with Peta was going to determine whether this was true as well as be a win-win for empowering me back to happiness.

Peta has some amazing skills and tools that combine with her own experience to really heal your heart at a vulnerable time as well as empathetically allow you to take responsibility and create positive changes.  I cannot recommend her enough.

I know that making the decision to do her program really sped up my healing and gave me clarity on so many things AND once I arrived at a place where I was really happy again, my ex came back to me almost exactly as I was finishing the program!

– Hannah L |  Hannah Louise Holistic Fitness


“I was in a long term relationship with my partner when I met Peta. I always remember describing my relationship as being ‘toxic’ but for some reason I simply couldn’t leave. Then when we broke up, I was a mess. 
Although I initially went to see Peta as I felt I needed help dealing with the pain of heart break. Little did I know I needed help with a lot more.
When Peta explained the reason why my relationship didn’t work and that I wasn’t happy was probably because I didn’t love myself enough and needed to create love from the inside out. Well, that changed everything for me.

I immediately saw a shift in my perspective toward my ex-partner and I no longer chose to be a victim. 
With all the coaching, readings and the exercises that Peta gave me, I came to an understanding that after all, it was my choice how I wanted to feel. And if anybody should be responsible for the pain I was in, it was me.
Peta helped me empower myself through making me realise what my values are and what was really important to me. I loved how she was able to help me identify and heal my relationship patterns based on my childhood experiences. 
I’m now more in control of my emotions, I’m more careful of how I think as I know, ‘what you focus on, grows’. I feel more beautiful on the inside. I feel more attractive. I now know, the answer is within me and so now I love myself.

When my friends say how they see the sparkle in my eyes again, I give my credit to Peta. I would recommend coaching with Peta to women of all ages and in all relationship circumstances. Although I’m grateful for all that I know now, I simply can’t stop wishing I had met Peta back in my teenage years.”

– Su K


“What I have learnt from coaching with Peta which has been soooo helpful to me in all areas of my life, not just about relationships. I learnt to get over my fears and the feeling of needing to be perfect that were holding me back. The best thing about Peta is that she’s an excellent listener. Our sessions felt very personalised and she adapted the program to meet my needs, when other issues came up such as my career she also offered support to helping me get unstuck. Peta has an endless supply of awesome resources included in the program that enhance your learnings. So it’s not just about the one-one sessions, the learning and growth is accelerated during the times in between too. She is intelligent, brave, wise, heart-centred, and generous. I recommend her to everyone. Oh, and she knows A LOT about the dynamics of relationships too! I’m happily dating now and I’m feeling very confident these days. In relationships anyway. It’s awweeesssooommeee!!!!!! Having so much fun. Thank you Peta. For everything!”

– Lisa H


“Peta is a skilled, knowledgeable and experienced coach and her insights are always relevant and valuable.  Her timing is impeccable – what questions to ask (including the hard ones), when to ask them, and the patience to wait for my answers.  While I believe the aforementioned are really important, for me, the most valuable qualities Peta brings to coaching are her genuinely caring and generous nature, and her absolute belief that I would succeed in finding love. I discovered the relationship I needed to understand, develop and nurture was with myself.  I needed to remember that I’m worthy of love, abundance and success and that I can trust my feelings.

Peta provided a safe environment where I felt able to let down my guard, allow myself to be vulnerable and discover my inner truth. Since coaching with Peta I have gained alot of clarity about myself and my relationship history. Her use of NLP has enabled me to let go of troubling emotions from my past that had been stifling me for 15 years.  The relief was enormous and the forward momentum since is energising. We’ve laughed – I’ve cried and it’s been an absolute joy.

– Louise H

“Coaching with Peta has been life changing!  I feel worthy of being in a loving, respectful, fulfilling and passionate relationship where I can be totally myself and not afraid to voice my feelings, needs and wants.  It took a few key mindset shifts to work through but I’m now in an incredible relationship with the most amazing man!”

– Michelle B

“Thank-you Peta, I literally couldn’t have done it without you! Thanks for enlightening me, supporting me and helping me grow as a woman. I got so much out of coaching with you even before I met my partner. You helped me believe (in me) and in love again and that I could actually find someone that I could trust and connect with so deeply. I couldn’t be happier.”

– Susan R

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