Letting go of an ex

Letting go of an ex


Why do our feelings linger on so long after a break-up and how do we release our attachment and move on to form a beautiful connection with someone?

Studies have shown that it can take 3 to 5 years for the average person to fully recover from a significant relationship.

Did you read that? That’s 3 to 5 YEARS of holding on to someone (or the idea of someone) and the relationship you dreamed of. That’s 3 to 5 YEARS of feeling stuck, disheartened, regretful, or feeling like your life is on hold.Why can it be so hard to move on?

The key is that there is a lot more to healing from a break-up than just ‘moving on’. Once we finally do ‘accept’ the ending of the relationship and feel ready to date again it’s common to find that we only end up repeating a similar relationship pattern. We often continue to attract the same types of men and the relationship circumstances we had previously start to show up again in the new one. And so we prepare ourselves for yet another heartbreak.

Why is this so common?

I often use the analogy that a broken heart as similar to physically breaking a bone.

For example; if we had an accident and broke our arm, it would be a shock and of course pretty painful. We would have it looked at by a professional and the doctor may have to realign the bones before a bandage or plaster cast is put on it. We would then allow for rest and recovery and once the cast was off, we would carefully resume use of our arm and do some exercises to rehabilitate it.

We wouldn’t just try to ignore the pain, ‘move on’, ‘get back on the horse’ or assume ‘time heals all wounds’ or it wouldn’t heal properly and may not function properly again.

So why don’t we treat a broken heart with the same level of care?

When a heartbreak is healed properly, by a professional and in the right way, it can fast-track the recovery process and most importantly create an open, loving and healthy foundation for a wonderful new relationship.

After a break-up we often seek advice from our well-meaning friends. But we wouldn’t ask our friends to help fix our broken arm would we?  Or just leave it to heal on it’s own?

Break-ups can be extremely painful and even break us open emotionally and spiritually. With the right healing we can also ensure that the meaning we take from a painful break-up, our beliefs, attitudes and openness are lovingly set to empower us to attract a healthy lasting relationship.

After repeating patterns of failed relationships and having experienced many painful break-ups over the past 20 years, it wasn’t until I sought help from a coach before I finally healed properly and now enjoy a beautiful loving deeply connected relationship.

Having gone through so much heartache myself,  I am super passionate about helping other women experience the benefits of correct healing from past painful break-ups. I created a powerful ‘Break-up to Breakthrough’ process which helps teach women to release old relationship patterns, break the cycle of unwanted emotions and finally experience soul love that lasts.

No matter whether you’ve recently broken-up with someone, whether it was a short or long term partner; or your significant break-up was a long time ago…

If you are experiencing unwanted emotions of guilt, sadness, resentment, anxiety or feel like a past relationship or ex may be holding you back from the love you deserve, then I would love to help you.

The Break-up to Breakthrough Empowerment Coaching session is perfect to support you to;
– get crystal clear on your situation and replace unwanted emotions with feelings of peace and ease
–  learn new supportive tools to help you heal heartaches, old emotional wounds, release attachments to former partners and create new empowering beliefs
– leave the session feeling not only inspired but with tangible next steps towards the life and relationship of your dreams. 

Here’s some recent messages I’ve received about the Breakthrough Session…

“ …A few months ago I had a session with you.  It was only an hour, but it was a HUGE hour for me.  So many things have shifted since speaking with you.  I just wanted to say the biggest thank-you.”  – Tegan

“Thank you for your guidance and awakening. I can see the light and I feel so differently about my situation after my Breakthrough Session. That knife that’s been stuck in my heart, over my failed relationship, the memories of which haunted me. Well, I feel like the knife has finally been pulled out. Now I can move on and heal. Finally. I’m forever grateful. I’m bouncing back now and it feels amazing!”  – Natasha

“My first coaching session with Peta was a Breakthrough Session – it delivered on it’s name. She used an NLP process that enabled me to let go of troubling emotions from my past that had been stifling me for 15 years.  The relief was enormous and the forward momentum since is energising.” – Louise

“When I met Peta I had been broken up with my partner for 3 months. I knew I needed to move on one way or another. Peta has some amazing skills and tools that combine with her own experience to really heal your heart at a vulnerable time as well as empathetically allow you to take responsibility and create positive changes. I have referred many of my friends in similar relationship situations to Peta and all have had amazing results. I cannot recommend her enough”  – Hannah

Read more about the Break-up to Breakthrough Empowerment Session

P.S.  Life is precious and we all deserve peace and happiness – so if you feel that you can use the support right now— then let me help you.  Nurture yourself with the empowering gift of a Breakthrough Session – and peace, joy, clarity and fulfillment can be yours again.

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