Does Your Love Life Feel Like an Emotional Rollercoaster

Does Your Love Life Feel Like an Emotional Rollercoaster

Greetings from Bali!

This was my view from breakfast this morning.. Sun, surf and delicious Indonesian food. And of course enjoying all of this on holidays with my amazing man!

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Walking hand in hand on the beach today I reflected on my journey to love and was overwhelmed with a sense of peace, love and fulfilment.  After years of heartbreak and struggle I have finally found a beautiful, kind and loving man who is committed and absolutely adores me.

To get why this is SO incredible, you have to understand where I started.

Although I was successful in my career and in other areas of life, it took me over 20 years of struggle and failed relationships to finally reach a place of contentment in love.

I had a history of relationship after relationship ending up becoming a rollercoaster of emotions. Of course the highs were high and somewhat addictive but the lows were painful and the unwanted emotions were soul destroying.

I continually repeated a pattern of dating men that went hot then cold, were emotionally distant and commitment phobic. Men that I was convinced (at the time) were the ‘the one’. The disappointment, rejection, failure, and guilt left me feeling like I would never be worthy of love.

It got so bad in 2010, that one night after weeks of suspicion and drama I found out that my boyfriend was cheating. After crying most of the night I got up the next morning and looked in the mirror at the emotional mess that I was and decided enough was enough!

I was done with the emotional rollercoaster that I had always associated with love. I was sick of the tears, the sleepless nights, the disappointment and the constant overthinking, fears and worry. SO I decided things were going to be different for me once and for all.

I decided that I deserved love too and I was going to figure out why it just wasn’t happening for me. I was going to break the unhealthy pattern and finally find a deeply connected relationship that made me feel secure, at peace and loved.  As hard as it was to accept, I realised that I was the common denominator in all of these failed relationships.

So I began a journey of self discovery. I studied Psychology, Human Behaviour, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I read as many books as I could find and listened to hundreds of hours of podcasts and trainings on love, dating and relationships (and still do)

I began to decipher what the underlying dynamics and issues were and I finally learnt about relationship and bonding patterns and how to clear my hidden love blocks. I learnt tools and techniques to manage my insecurities, emotions and stop the sabotaging behaviours. I learnt how to communicate my needs authentically and with ease, so that I could attract and flourish with the right man and experience a wonderful relationship.

I then became the go-to person for all of my friends who needed support while dating or with their relationship and I was so passionate about helping other women in love that 2 years later I became a Love and Relationship Coach and created the Love Mindset Reinvention Coaching Program

Here’s how it can help you;
– Realise the love blindspots so that you can’t see on your own, that are keeping you single.
– Increase your confidence and self love so that you are magnetic to the right type of man (not the unavailable ones)
– Learn tools and techniques to manage your emotions so you can date with peace and stop sabotaging your own love life.
– Choose love over fear and gain clarity about what you want in a relationship.
– Release the insecurities and fears, poor choices and start taking the exact right steps to achieving lasting love.

Are you finally ready to get some support and trust someone to guide you to love? 

The Love Mindest Reinvention Program is highly successful for women just like me and you and it starts with one decision that can change your life forever.

If you’re ready to get support in your love life, then let’s get on the phone and talk about how you can have your Love Breakthrough this year just like many of my clients that have coached with me on the Love Mindset Reinvention Program

Some of my clients almost didn’t do the program because they thought the timing wasn’t right or they weren’t sure about investing in love, since they’d never done it before.

Don’t let fear stop you from having the love you deserve. Especially if you suspect you may be getting in your own way, sabotaging your chances at love or even worse.. have given up trying altogether.

The results speak for themselves.
One bold choice can change everything 


Are you ready to consider making that choice too? If so, >> let’s talk <<

Even if you don’t end up joining the Program it’s worth it to get on the phone with me and explore, because I will give you a Love Breakthrough Clarity Consultation and my expert advice on your next steps to lasting love.

I share my secrets to clearing your love blocks and the success formula for manifesting and keeping amazing love from dating through to commitment.

P.S. The Love Mindset Reinvention Program is not a magic fix.  My clients get amazing results because they follow the process and commit to doing the work.

If you do this too, you will experience massive transformational results and put yourself on the path to lasting love.

So, what are you waiting for?

Much Love xx



Peta April


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