Love Mindset Reinvention Program

Are you sick of being the “unlucky in love” type, and find yourself yearning for a deep connection…with a “soul mate”?

Do you often feel a bit anxious when dating or in a relationship… tired of attracting unavailable men… and long to feel loved and secure in a relationship?

Have you ever found yourself obsessed about whether or not he’s going to call or message, and struggling to stay focussed and keep emotional balance?

Or maybe you’re weighed down by feelings of betrayal and past hurts?

Did you know that past relationships affect your current reality, and can actually prevent you from attracting and maintaining LOVE?!

                                                           Accumulated relationship residue, emotional baggage and unprocessed emotions                                                            all unconsciously block love from showing up… and compromise your happiness! 

You get stuck in a pattern of thinking in extremes, anxiety and and thoughts about whether you will ever find that dream relationship.

Or even worse, feel it’s never going to happen for you and almost give up on love altogether together.

When you’re dating or in a relationship you’re prone to worrying about your partners’ ability to love you back, finding yourself analyzing how they are acting and what they might be thinking in order to gauge whether you are going to get your heart broken again.

You’re frustrated that you can find success in other areas of your life but when it comes to love, it’s just not happening for you.

Sometimes, no matter what you do to take a step forward in finding love…something within you keeps sabotaging your efforts.

Well Beautiful…there is hope!  Your past does not have to equal your future.

The right person is out there waiting for you, right now!  Yet, you’ll never find success in love if you keep doing things the same way.

Sometimes we need to try something new to get a different result.

Something has been holding you back from find soul mate love…but you need to know that you can change your life and your results.

In order to attract the right person – you need to start by doing some detoxing of your love beliefs and patterns.

You see, the key is recognizing and effectively dealing with the things inside of you that drive the unwanted emotions and behaviours.

You deserve to have a wonderful relationship in which you are cherished and adored – for the beautiful woman that you are.  And I can help you achieve it!

Beautiful, I know what you’re going through!

Although I was successful in my career and in other areas of life, it took me over 20 years of struggle (and failed relationships) to finally reach a place of joy and contentment in love.  I had a history of relationship after relationship…all ending up becoming a rollercoaster of emotions.  Of course, the highs were high (and somewhat addictive)…but the lows were painful and the unwanted emotions were soul destroying.

After discovering that yet another boyfriend was cheating on me in 2010…I decided that things were going to be different for me once and for all!

I was done with the emotional rollercoaster that I had always associated with love.  I was sick of the tears, the sleepless nights, the disappointment, constant overthinking, fears and worry! It was not only affecting me emotionally, but my job, my friendships and many other aspects of my life.

It was time for me to break the unhealthy love patterns and finally find a deeply connected relationship that made me feel secure, at peace and loved.

As hard as it was to accept, I realised that I was the common denominator in all of these failed relationships.peta_april_profile-pic

So, I began a journey of self-discovery.  I studied Psychology, Human Behaviour and Nero-Linguistic Programming (NLP) along with the very latest research on love, dating, attachment patterns and relationships..  I eventually began to decipher what the underlying dynamics and issues were for me – and for many of us.

I now understood that unconscious processes that I had not been aware of were driving my behaviours and sabotaging my relationships.

I noticed patterns in beliefs and behaviours and uncovered important theories to explain why this occurred. I finally learnt how to clear these hidden love blocks.  I learnt tools and techniques to manage my insecurities and emotions… I learnt the keys to healthy secure relationship behaviours and I learnt how to communicate my needs authentically and with ease…so that I could finally attract the right man, and experience a wonderful deeply fulfilling relationship.

My unique strategies for love have helped hundreds of my clients move past their hidden blocks, the doubts and the feeling of not being good enough and move into the joy of drawing in a high quality partner…

No more “ups and downs” that go along with being in an unhealthy relationship,

and frustrated that you can’t seem to find the man that’s right for you

               No more “roller coaster relationships” or getting your heart broken time and time again.

I offer transformational tools and techniques tailored to your unique drivers in love to help heal past hurts, overcome the insecurities and fears that have contributed to past relationship breakdowns and failures and radically shift your mindset for future success in love.


“Coaching with Peta was gentle and insightful and she has deep knowledge of relationships. With Peta’s help I was able to quickly pick myself up after a recent breakup and I was able to see what the gift was in the end.

I no longer believe I am not worthy of the exact man that I want to be with and now know that I deserve to be happy and loved by a remarkable man.  As a result I am paying closer attention to the kind of man I am attracting and have clarity about what I want in an amazing relationship.

I’m so grateful to Peta for the wisdom she shared and for assisting me to find what I needed inside. I was super excited to be out there and dating again and met an amazing man very soon after.

– Christine Berry | Australia

With my years of experience as a relationship coach and mentor I’ve helped hundreds of women remove their barriers to love once and for all…and I can help you:

peta_heart_small Discover the hidden truth about how your past, and your environment, have literally programmed you for mediocre or failed relationships.
peta_heart_small Get crystal clear certainty on WHY you’ve been attracting the wrong types of men, and learn how to shift this forever.
peta_heart_small Realise what your “love blindspots” are so that you can see, on your own, what’s keeping you single or in unstable relationships with unavailable men.
peta_heart_small Increase your confidence and self-love so that you are able to magnetize your soul partner.
peta_heart_small Stop sabotaging your own love life.

 You are meant for a vibrant, beautiful life filled with love, peace and bliss

Everyone’s experiences and challenges are unique to them so when we work together I use a combination of psychology, NLP, coaching and intuition…with insightful, no-nonsense, real world wisdom and experience customised especially for your situation.

You can have the confidence you need to attract a partner that is loving, available, trustworthy, encouraging and responsive to your needs.

You’ll no longer feel the need to “play games” in your relationships.  Instead, you’ll feel peacefully safe and comfortable, experience the deep closeness and intimacy you crave…and ultimately find the soul mate love you yearn for.

Introducing your:

Love Mindset Reinvention Program

An entire process to shift the results you’ve been getting, and finally have the relationship you’ve dreamed of.

            The LOVE MINDSET REINVENTION PROGRAM will be personalized for you and will offer you the ability to:

peta_heart_small Look deep within to explore your patterns and transform your love blueprint once and for all.
peta_heart_small Find the real reasons you’re not with your soul mate, and then break through themtoward the relationship of your dreams.
peta_heart_small Clear the beliefs, barriers and unconscious processes that are preventing you from having the relationship you dream of.
peta_heart_small Release the fear, doubt and worry about finding, and keeping, an ideal partner.
peta_heart_small Connect with your feminine power to become the high-value woman that you are… and never settle for less than being adored and respected in a relationship.
peta_heart_small Lose the feelings of hopelessness, worry and “why me?”…and not let another year or decade pass without the love you desire, and the healthy and fulfilling relationship you deserve.

Your 12 week coaching program includes:


1 x 2 hour Intensive Breakthrough Coaching Session with Peta

  • Focused coaching time devoted to breaking through your emotional blocks

5 x 60 minute Private Coaching Sessions (Face to Face, Phone, Skype)

  • Transformational coaching to facilitate your breakthrough and mindset shifts

4 x SOS ‘Emergency’ Quick Calls

  • Quick support during any emotional times, pre or post dates, etc.

3 months Unlimited Priority Email Access

  • Ongoing mentoring and accountability to ensure your success

Coaching Program Materials

  • Welcome materials
  • Homework and accountability tasks
  • Educational resources (activities, readings, audio/video trainings, meditations, questionairres etc)

Your Investment in the Love Mindset Reinvention Program $1,997

*BONUS* You’ll also receive:

peta_heart_small The 21 Day Reboot Your Life Program with 21 video trainings with leading female coaches to support you in creating positive and lasting change all areas of your life.  Being happy and fulfilled in life enhances the quality of your relationships.




“Peta brings to coaching are her genuinely caring and generous nature, and her absolute belief that I would succeed in finding love.I discovered the relationship I needed to understand, develop and nurture was with myself.  I needed to remember that I’m worthy of love, abundance and success and that I can trust my feelings.  Peta provided a safe environment where I felt able to let down my guard, allow myself to be vulnerable and discover my inner truth.

Since coaching with Peta I have gained a lot of clarity about myself and my relationship history.  Her use of NLP has enabled me to let go of troubling emotions from my past that had been stifling me for 15 years.  The relief was enormous and the forward momentum since is energising.

We’ve laughed – I’ve cried and it’s been an absolute joy.

Louise H | Melbourne


“I was unsure if coaching was 1) for me, 2) a beneficial investment and 3) if I could connect with someone and trust them enough for me to open up authentically.  I never saw myself as needing ‘help’, but Peta has helped me shift some long held beliefs that had been holding me back.

Straight away I felt ready to work through these issues and confident that I was in safe hands to embark on the journey.

Peta’s approach resonated with me as she is confident and easy to relate to; she is open and has experience and expertise coaching women to break through love barriers.

Peta balances kindness, professionalism and intuition and has helped me challenge my mindset and make some empowering changes in my life.  She is a great inspiration and role model…as a vibrant radiant woman…and I highly recommend her as a coach.

She helped me find my courage and now that I am seeing someone special, I have such hope for a future filled with love.”

Rebecca Tomarchio | Melbourne

Every day, every minute, every SECOND, that goes by is another minute you’re not spending with the love of your life.  That’s painful!  Particularly when you know that he is out there, waiting and hoping for YOU as well!

Heartbreak…Betrayal…Disappointment…Emotional Wounds…

You can change your love life with the decisions and actions you take now.

Chances are…if you haven’t found ‘the one’, it’s time for you to try something different.