The intelligent woman’s struggle with love

The intelligent woman’s struggle with love

It’s true.. As a Love Coach, the majority of women I work with are beautiful, intelligent and successful. They have no problem attracting men, yet happiness and peace in love seem to have somehow eluded them.

It does come down to the age-old heart vs head conundrum. If we apply the same logic and rationale, the same strategy and process to creating success in relationships as we do professionally or in other life areas.. it just doesn’t work.

But why? Why shouldn’t someone who is intelligent and thoughtful and deliberate have an even better chance at relationship success than others do? Well there are quite a few reasons but here’s a few of the key ones..

a) When we’ve had a lifetime of conditioning that our intelligence, our success and our beauty defines our value as a person and is what makes us attractive to an ideal partner, we can often place too much importance on those qualities and attributes. Attracting someone based on your success or appearance leads to a different type of relational dynamic than connecting with someone at a soul level.. when you are comfortable just being you, and allow them to see your beauty from within.

b) Making rational and logical decisions about love means we bypass the real source of where our loving connections reside and can take us even farther away from our intuition, from the authenticity and vulnerability that is what really makes us attractive as a partner and able to form healthy bonds.

c) Because our decisions and actions in love are more often driven by unconscious processes that we do not have conscious awareness of, often resulting in unresourceful patterns of behaviour that can sabotage our efforts.

If you see self-sabotaging patterns playing out in your love life, anxiety and insecurity, repeating the same relationship patterns or being attracted to the wrong types of guys again and again, then you’ll definitely benefit from doing some inner transformational work. Looking at your love beliefs, healing old heartbreaks and other mindset work so that you have a healthy new approach to dating and creating nourishing relationships that last. Often it’s just a few simple shifts that make all the difference, and that’s where I can help.

Apply for a free 40 minute ‘Breakthrough to Love Clarity Session’ and let’s get to the bottom of what’s really holding you back so that you can enjoy a love-filled life with a quality man by your side. It’s your time gorgeous women! Let’s chat CLICK HERE.

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