Shifting Your Relationship Dynamic.

Shifting Your Relationship Dynamic.

‘Be the source of energy and love, that energises and inspires your relationship.’

It can be easy to slip into a mindset of feeling disappointed that our relationship is falling short of our expectations or isn’t satisfying our needs. Resentment can build as we start the mental checklist of comparison.. Who does what for whom? Am I getting as much as I am giving?

So we try harder and do more in the hope of having this level of ‘effort’ and commitment returned.. only to feel disheartened that our significant other may appear to be doing less, putting in less, caring less.

We become focused on what’s not working, what’s not happening, what’s missing… and of course.. WHAT WE FOCUS ON EXPANDS.

So we end up feeling even more of a sense of shortcoming and lack.

Yes, it’s absolutely important to feel safe, supported and have a partner who is conscious to our needs, but TRUE LOVE is really about what we are here to give and share, not just about what we are ‘getting’ in return. An evolved, soul level love is truly unconditional and facilitates the individuals’ growth and expansion.

You must remember that YOU are an incredible source of love and energy. If you feel that you aren’t receiving enough love, connection or support in your relationship, consider where that feeling really comes from. It’s an inside job.

And also consider what you are putting out. Our thoughts and feelings have energy attached to them and we will attract what we put out. If this is disappointment and lack. Guess what you will get more of…? RECONNECT with YOUR abundant source of love and energy and share more of that to re-energise your relationship and inspire your partner to up-level.

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